Family Law


Mr. Lashlee has over 30 years experience handling family law matters including divorce, dissolution of domestic partnerships, legal separation, annulments, paternity actions and related matters.
Talk to anyone who has been through a divorce, legal separation or a paternity action, and they will tell you that it can be a very expensive, time consuming and emotional experience.
Perhaps worse than the time and expense, is the animosity that may be created or exacerbated between the parties during a contested action. No one needs more tension in their life. If children are involved, it is even more important to keep the animosity level at a minimum. The best way to avoid unnecessary expense and to limit animosity is for the parties to cooperate in a "uncontested divorce."
The term "uncontested divorce" is something of a misnomer. Subject to very rare exceptions such as insanity, either spouse may request and obtain a divorce. There is no requirement to prove fault of any kind. All you need to do is meet the limited residency requirements and follow the proper procedures.  Thus, it is not the divorce that is being “contested” in a contested divorce. Instead, it is the custody and support of children and the characterization and division of property and debts that are the subject of litigation, and on occasion, epic battles. 
If  the parties are unable to agree on one or more issues relating to their relationship including custody of children, visitation, support, division of property and other matters, the action is “contested.”


Mr. Lashlee charges $350 per hour plus expenses. An advance payment will be required. The advance payment generally covers the initial court filing fee, service of the summons and complaint and Mr. Lashlee's initial attorney fees. The advance payment is not an estimate of the total cost of the matter. The total cost may be substantially higher than the advance payment. If, on the other hand, the total cost is less than the advance payment, the unused balance will be refunded.

"Costs" include court filing fees, service of process, delivery fees, fees for obtaining documents, expert witness fees, subpoenas, jury fees, court reporter fees and other expenses necessary for the prosecution of the particular case. The client is responsible for all costs of the action in addition to the attorney fee and must advance costs to the attorney promptly when requested.