Other Services


Mr. Lashlee represents residential and commercial landlords only in Unlawful Detainers (eviction) matters. The representation is limited to cases filable in the Long Beach Court which include rental properties located in Long Beach, mid-cities, Compton, Torrance, Carson, and a few others.



There is an initial retainer fee of $200 that covers preparation of the termination notice, if required, and representation in an uncontested Unlawful Detainer action. There will be additional fees if the matter is contested. Please contact the office for an explanation of the additional fees.



The client is responsible for all costs of the eviction. In addition to the initial retainer fee, the client will be required to make an advance payment of anticipated costs. Anticipated costs are currently $460 for one tenant being evicted with another $40 for each additional tenant being evicted. Anticipated costs cover most evictions, but the client is responsible for the actual costs, even if higher. Unused anticipated costs will be refunded.




Mr. Lashlee forms and advises small business corporations, LLC’s and Partnerships in the State of California.



The fee to form new corporations, LLC’S and Partnership is $1,500 and includes the initial costs of formation.  If an existing business is to be incorporated, or if a buy-sell agreement or other operation agreement is necessary, there will be a minimum additional fee of $500. The total fee will depend on the complexity of the transaction.  Clients with complex transactions will be advised to engage the services of a “business opportunities escrow” in addition to the attorney’s services.  All business clients are advised to consult with a CPA or other tax professional to determine the tax consequences of the formation of a business.



Mr. Lashlee has over 30 years experience representing clients in court on a variety of matters including breach of contract, promissory notes, neighbor disputes and other litigation matters.

The first step in most general litigation matters is to try to settle the case without going to court.  When successful, an out of court settlement will save money and time.


The fee for general litigation matters $350 per hour plus court costs. An advance payment of fees and costs will usually be required.  In appropriate cases, Mr. Lashlee will consider a contingency fee (see Other Services - Collections for an explanation of contingency fees).